One-liner Questions about John Keats

Important Questions about John Keats

Note: हमारा मकसद शिक्षा को सुलभ और सरल बनाना है हमने बड़ी मेहनत से नोट तैयार किये है, हमारे द्वारा लिखने में सावधानी बरती गयी है फिर त्रुटी संभव है l आपसे अनुरोध है कि आप नोट को कही और से मिला ले l

Q. 1- When was John Keats born?

Ans- October 31, 1795

Q. 2- When was John Keats died?

Ans- February 23, 1821

Q. 3- How many sonnets did John Keats write?

Ans- 61 Sonnets

Q. 4- With whom John Keats fell in love?

Ans- Fanny Browne

Q. 5- What was the main cause of John Keats death?

Ans- Consumption (Tuberculosis)

Q. 6- \”O for a life of sensations (भावना, संवेदना) rather than of thoughts!\” Who said?

Ans- John Keats

Q. 7- \”Poetry should surprise by fine excess\” and \”If poetry should come not as

naturally as the leaves to a tree, it had better not come at all.\” Who said?

Ans- John Keats

Q. 8- Keats used the sonnet form. Which one?

Ans- Italian form

Q. 9- Whom does Keats advise to load every rift (मनमुटाव, अनबन) with ore

(कच्चा, अस्थाई)?

Ans- P. B. Shelley

Q. 10- One of Keats friend died in his arms. Who was he?

Ans- Severn

Q. 11- Where was John Keats born?

Ans- Moorgate, London

Q. 12- Who was John Keats Father?

Ans- Thomas Keats

Q. 13- What was the name of John Keats\’ mother?

Ans- Frances Keats (Jennings)

Q. 14- Keats was a Greek. Who said?

Ans- P. B. Shelley

Q. 15- \”A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.\” Who said?

Ans- Keats in Endymion

Q. 16- What was the name of Keats brother?

Ans- Tom Keats, George Keats

Q. 17- When did John Keats went to Hampstead Health?

Ans- After his brother death.

Q. 18- What was Keats\’ age when his father died?

Ans- 8 Years

Q. 19- What was Keats\’ age when his mother died?

Ans- 6 Years

Q. 20- Who cared of John Keats after his parents\’ death?

Ans- Richard Abbey and John Rowland Sandell

Q. 21- Who kept Richard Abbey and John Rowland Sandell to care of John


Ans- John Keats\’ Maternal grandmother

Q. 22- Where did John Keats study?

Ans- Clarke School, Enfield

Q. 23- What did John Keats study after Clarke School?

Ans- Medicine

Q. 24- Who helped John Keats in publishing his first poem \’On Solitude\’?

Ans- Leigh Hunt

Q. 25- In which Magazine John Keats publish his \’On Solitude\’?

Ans- \’Examiner\’ in May 1816.


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