About Us:


A- Maintaining the academic-related data of the students/learners and discussing it with the parents. Recognizing the weak and strong areas of the students as well as helping them for being efficient in weak areas. Analyzing teaching material for a positive result and creating study material according to the age of the students. Selecting the teaching material and planning lessons for the students. Delivering lessons to the students and clearing the doubts of the students regarding the subjects. Providing the course material to the students and giving them proper feedback.
B-Supporting students in their academic as well as personal difficulties. Controlling the students’ behavior in the classroom as well as on the playground. Maintaining a dignified relationship with students for the desired effects. Delivering the lessons in the absence of the lead teacher. Helping students to accomplish their assigned work. Developing a teaching material for the students and guiding them for better results. Areas Of Interest:- Using the skill set for the development of an organization. Utilizing the teaching skills for the betterment of an organization.

Career Objective:-

Obtaining the position of a school teacher will provide me the opportunity to use my teaching skills for the growth of an organization. I have these other career objectives- 1-To be an ideal teacher so that coming teachers see me as their ideal. 2-To be popular in the educational field. 3-to spread the knowledge all over the world. 4-to make talented, genius, and healthy citizens. 5-To create universal brotherhood. 6-to enable the students to understand, speak, read, write English, listen to English attentively, develop an interest in English, read aloud with correct pronunciation, write articles, etc.

Care competence:-

Profound knowledge of the related field and ability to maintain the teacher-student relationship. Ability to use the new methods of teachings and motivating the students for better results. Capacity to interact with the parents regarding the progress of the students. Highly skilled in selecting study material for students as well as instructing them on how to use the material. Excellent communication and writing skills as well as an analytical approach. Ability to keep self updated in the subject area. Capability to provide proper feedback to the students and guiding them for improvements in the subjects. Good organizational skills and ability to cope up with the students. Ability to assess the performance of students.