Important MCQ Thomas Hardy Part 3

Important MCQ Thomas Hardy Part 3

31- The hero of The Wood Landers, the trader of apple and cedar lives in Blackmore vale in Dorset. He is Betrothed to Grace Melbury who rejects him and marries a fashionable doctor Edred Fatzpiers. What is his name?

(a)- Giles Winterborne *

(b)- Oak

(c)- Farfrae

(d)- None of these

32- “Justice was done and the President of the Immortals in Aeschylean phrase had ended his sport with…..” Fill the blank with the appropriate option.

(a)- Tess *

(b)- Alec

(c)- Durbyfield

(d)- None of these

33- Which is the epic drama by Hardy?

(a)- Winter Words

(b)- The Well-Beloved

(c)- The Dynasts *     

(d)- The Trumpet Major

34- My Star, my star is what’s to blame, not I. It is unanswerable. Where do these lines appear?

(a)- Hardy’s The Dynasts *

(b)- Hardy’s A Pair of Blue Eyes

(c)- Hardy’s The Return of The Native

(d)- None of these

35- In which novel, a boy nicknamed Father Time hangs his little brothers and sisters in a grim effort to save them from hunger and his parents from constant anxiety?

(a)- A Pair of Blue Eyes

(b)- Jude the Obscure *

(c)- Desperate Remedies

(d)- None of these

36- The Three Mariner’s Inn appears in:

(a)- The Return of the Native

(b)- Jude the Obscure

(c)- Desperate Remedies

(d)- The Mayor of Casterbridge *

37- Hardy calls Elizabeth Jane “This flower of Nature” Whose daughter is Elizabeth?

(a)- Abell Whittle

(b)- Henchard

(c)- Sailor Newson *

(d)- Farfrae

38- What has been immortalized by Hardy?

(a)- Malgudi

(b)- Lake District

(c)- Dorset

(d)- Wessex *

39- Sue is more:

(a)- With animal passion

(b)- Sexy with desire

(c)- Spiritualized

(d)- Intellectualized *

40- Jude Fawley, a stonemason wishes to be:

(a)- a scholar *

(b)- a builder

(c)- a mason

(d)- a millionaire

41- The famous Tragedy of the Queen of Cornwall is:

(a)- A novel by Hardy

(b)- A One-Act Play by Hardy

(c)- A drama by Hardy *

(d)- None of these

42- Hardy has taken a clue from Shakespeare’s famous comedy ‘As You Like It’ for the title of one of his novels from one of its lines. Which novel?

(a)- Far From the Madding Crowd

(b)- All the World a Staage

(c)- Under the Greenwood Tree *

(d)- A Midsummer Night’s Dream

43- The Skimmington Ride in A Mayor of Casterbridge in organized in order to:

(a)- define Lucetta and Henchard *

(b)- popularize Lucetta and Henchard

(c)- bring Lucetta and Henchard into the limelight

(d)- defame Lucetta and Farfrae

44- “What does depress me is the sight of so much pain in the world, constant pain.” Whose words are these?

(a)- Hardy *

(b)- Dickens

(c)- Meredith

(d)- Shakespeare

45- The subtitle of the novel The Mayor of Casterbridge is:

(a)- The Story of a Drunkard

(b)- The Story of a Man of Mean Character

(c)- The Story of A Man of Character *

(d)- The Story of A Mad Man


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