Characteristics of Modern Literature

Modern Literature की प्रमुख विशेषताएं


1- Avant-garde (अग्रदल, हरावल) is considered to be the hallmark (कसौटी, बानगी) of modern literature. It refers to the position taken by high modernism. It represents challenging the normative (मानक) and creating new artistic (कलात्मक )forms (रूप). It\’s meaning is advance guard in French.

2- Avant-garde artists reject tradition and undertake (आरम्भ करना, दायित्व लेना) \’to make it new\’.

3- The Modern Literature focuses on the inner reality of the human mind not on external reality.

4- There is greater stress on the psychological detailing of the literary character through narrative devices such as the stream of consciousness (चेतना) and interior monologue. (एकालाप)

5- Language becomes condense (संछिप्त) , plots non-chronological and narrative consciousness shifts away from impersonal omniscient (सर्वज्ञ) to personal subjective.


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